Find balance, keep moving.

"I believe in the dynamic nature of life. Helping patients thrive through the rhythms of their lives is my purpose. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals for health and wellness."

-Dr. Josie C. Runyan DC


Techniques Utilized

Spinal Manipulation manually and with activator tool to adjust joints that are stuck or misaligned.

Applied Kinesiology muscle testing, nutrition, and cranial manipulation for specific identification of where dysfunction is coming from and best approach to alleviate symptoms.  

Sacro Occipital Techniques improving cerebrospinal fluid flow and working with unique connections of the sacrum and occiput in the dural (spinal cord covering) system.

Flexion Distraction is used to isolate, re-hydrate discs, and therapeutically move lumbar vertebrae improving lower back pain. A special table is used to do this very effective technique.

Coccyx Adjusting for patients with chronic or acute tailbone pain. We are an outlet for these patients and trained in treating this sensitive condition.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization. Many of our aches and pains come from the muscle system. The body has a unique organ that covers muscles called fascia. The fascial system requires sliding to allow for the body to move without restriction (imagine the thin layer covering uncooked chicken). By using tools along the muscles we can loosen some of the restricted areas in the fascia restoring range of motion.

Nutrition counseling for aiding in health concerns such as joint pain, women’s health, sleep, anxiety, weight issues. We offer supplements that are helpful for improving symptoms of a variety of conditions that complement chiropractic treatment.











The concept of health in this clinic is not only to take patients to a place free of pain but to go beyond and help individuals thrive.

Vital Elements in health are physical, emotional, spiritual balance.