Low Back Issues

Flexion distraction is a specific technique that gently supports and moves the lumbar spine in a controlled way to relieve and improve symptoms of low back pain and nerve pain. 



Depending on the type of headache that is occurring treatment may involve a dural manipulation, neck adjustment, or movement of the cranial bones. All of which are thought to improve circulation to the brain. Dietary triggers may also exist which can be determined. 

Stress and Tension

The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for our stress response and in today's world is often overactive. Sending the nervous system a signal to re-calibrate this system helps greatly in reducing stress, in turn improving health.


Women's Health

Infertility, incontinence, PMS symptoms, abnormal menstrual cycles are can be greatly improved structurally and nutritionally to help the sacred feminine in you. 

Recharging the Immune System

The body is intelligent by design, we work with the innate power of the body's ability to heal by correcting any misalignment or interference that may be holding your health back.

Ultrasound Physiotherapy

Ultrasound treatment directs sound waves in to damaged tissues aiding in clearing of debris from injury, and facilitates blood flow and healing factors to the treatment area.

Tailbone Pain or Pelvic Floor Issues

Dr. Runyan is trained in coccyx adjusting and is an outlet for patients with this type of debilitating discomfort. The pelvic floor is complicated and many times can cause a cascade of discomforts.  

Fascia Soft Tissue Therapy

Tools are used over regions of “fascial adhesions” which are comparable to scar tissue of the outer layer covering of muscles. When these adhesions are present muscles groups cannot move smoothly resulting in tension and decreased motion in the area.


We offer a variety of treatment options to better serve individual patient needs.